(Photorealistic Representation of The New Jersey Wind Farm Project off Long Beach Island, NJ)

MOVE ‘EM OUT is a New Jersey nonprofit organization, encompassing a diverse group of devoted citizens, determined to protect the beauty of New Jersey’s public beaches and the heritage of its coastal communities into the future. 

We believe in championing energy solutions that harmonize with nature, ensuring that they don’t destabilize our invaluable ecosystems or negatively impact the broad spectrum of local industries, from the fisherman to the vibrant sectors of hospitality and tourism, that power the economy.

New Jersey’s southern shoreline is a haven, teeming with marine life and ranking amongst the best places to live in America. This destination shoreline – a ‘backyard’ to visitors from New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and tourists from around the world – is under imminent threat. 

The largest wind turbine project in American history aims to erect 200 wind turbines that are each 1,000 feet tall and span over 900 feet wide – nearly as tall as the iconic Empire State Building and as wide as an entire New York City block – located merely 9 miles from our beloved coast. 

Their looming presence, the closest large-scale wind turbine project to any shoreline in the country, would be a constant disruption, with their visuals and sounds stretching across vast distances, altering the natural migration patterns of our cherished bird and marine life, reducing tourism, and decimating the local economy.  Today, it’s New Jersey’s coastline under siege. Tomorrow, it could be the beach you hold dear.

Join us in upholding the integrity of our shores and preserve them for global generations to come.

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